Alina Boehm

Is a Spanish / German designer with a passion for spatial experience design. She focuses primarily on the creation of exhibition, set and interior designs, while always looking for and experimenting with sustainable materials. Currently, she is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Selected Works:

01—Public Space Activation
02—Exhibition / Installation Design 
03—Brand Experience Design
04—Poster Design

05—Biodegradable Materials



RE-Shape, Graduation Project, 2019

Project: Individual Graduation Project for the Interactive Media Design department at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, exhibited in July 2019
RE - Shape was nominated for the Bachelor Interactive Media Design Department Award 2019 at the Royal Academy of Art, and the Waag Society & Technology Award, as well as was invited to exhibit at the Milan and Dutch Design Week.

My graduation project, RE-Shape, aims at unearthing a sense of ownership and power in a community over their physical environment by stimulating playful exploration and interaction, as well as active participation. As an intervention, it underlines a necessary shift in values and perceptions, as well as supports the belief that sustainability and social innovation are inevitably linked. People’s bubbles are poked to look differently at their environments, each other and at waste by collecting the plastic for the production of RE-Shape and by re-imagining what their surroundings can become. In these brief moments of a shared experience RE-Shape triggers collective memories, dialogues and reflections to re-frame and re-evaluate new modes of living together otherwise.

In my Bachelor thesis I analyzed and investigated how public squares and public square furniture can influence an individual’s perception. In metropolitan western cities, people have become increasingly disconnected from their physical surroundings and the people around them. This study aims to determine new guidelines for urban designs in public squares that enhance the connectedness and encourage the coming together of people. Building on existing work related to the language of space, the philosophy of play and the architecture of the senses it asks: How can a space turn into a place? Public squares need a new language of space.

Video by Kristýna Markovičová
Photographs by
Linda Zhengová