Alina Boehm

Is a designer currently based in Hamburg, Germany. She focuses primarily on the creation of meaningful, tangible experiences through spatial, exhibition and experience design, as well as hands-on material experimentation. 

Spatial Design
01—Urban Placemaking (Graduation project)
02—Exhibition Design 
03—Brand Experience Design

Communication Design
04—Packaging Design
05—Poster Design

Material Design

06—Biogradable Textiles



Awareness Pool, Collec, 2017

Project: An installation designed for DGTL Barcelona.
Responsibilities: Concept and Experience Design, Design Research, Contact with Material Providers

During my internship as a design intern at the Human Experience Design studio Collec in Barcelona I researched and designed visual concepts for the concept design department and supported the concept creation for “The Awareness Pool” for the DGTL Festival 2017 in Barcelona with design research, visualisation sketches and the organisation of material providers. 

Project by Collec Studio
Video by Collec Studio

Photographs by DGTL Festival and Collec Studio