Alina Boehm

1. Place Design
2. Sustainable Material Design
3. Exhibition / Installation Design 
4. Brand Experience Design
5. Communication Design

Alina is an architectural designer from Barcelona, currently based in Hamburg, working for MUTABOR. Previously studied at KABK in The Hague and interned in Barcelona, London and Stockholm.

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Älf, Guringo, 2018

Project: Exhibition design on the Swedish identity through the Moose for a Museum in Örebro, Sweden.
Responsibilities: Exhibition- and spatial design, Concept and Interaction Design, Storytelling, Design Research, Graphic Design, Sketching, Modeling, Sound Design, Prototyping

As a design intern at the Guringo Design Studio I supported the overall layout and storytelling throughout the exhibition, the implementation of sound, smell and interactive stations, as well as created proposal visualisations for the client. Every design decision was based on an intense research phase in order to achieve the best experience for the visitors.

Project by Guringo Design studio
Floorplan by Guringo Design studio