Alina Boehm

Is a designer currently based in Hamburg, Germany. She focuses primarily on the creation of meaningful, tangible experiences through spatial, exhibition and experience design, as well as hands-on material experimentation. 

Spatial Design
01—Urban Placemaking (Graduation project)
02—Exhibition Design 
03—Brand Experience Design

Communication Design
04—Packaging Design
05—Poster Design

Material Design

06—Biogradable Textiles



Cream Conscience, 2018

Project: Packaging Design Assignment for the Course Graphic Design and Advertising at the Forsbersgskola
Responsibilities: Concept Design, Graphic Design, Prototyping, Storytelling, Brand Narrative and Identity, Logo Design, Product Design, Communication Strategy

A packaging for a non - diary, vegan, paleo and blueberry icecream that is made out of biodegradable bioplastics and paper embedded with blueberry seeds.
I created the ice cream  with the ambition to raise awareness about where what we eat comes from and where the left over packaging will be disposed after we’ve consumed it. By communicating in an engaging way, the buyer is invited to plant the seeds embedded in the packaging and grow the plant that gives the berries used in the ice cream. Suddenly eating an ice cream turns into an experience that mixes meaningful awareness and enjoyment.