Alina Boehm

Is a Spanish / German designer with a passion for spatial experience design. She focuses primarily on the creation of exhibition, set and interior designs, while always looking for and experimenting with sustainable materials. Currently, she is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Selected Works:

01—Public Space Activation
02—Exhibition / Installation Design 
03—Brand Experience Design
04—Poster Design

05—Biodegradable Materials



James Morrison at Tate Modern, 2018

Project: Poster Design Assignment for the Course Graphic Design and Advertising at the Forsbersgskola
Responsibilities: Concept Design, Graphic Design, Storytelling, Design Research

A design proposal for the announcement of the exhibition “Retrospective” of the designer James Morrison at the Tate Modern in London. I researched design references and developed the concept for the composition. I designed the poster series with my own illustrations.