Alina Boehm

Is a designer currently based in Hamburg, Germany. She focuses primarily on the creation of meaningful, tangible experiences through spatial, exhibition and experience design, as well as hands-on material experimentation. 

Spatial Design
01—Urban Placemaking (Graduation project)
02—Exhibition Design 
03—Brand Experience Design

Communication Design
04—Packaging Design
05—Poster Design

Material Design

06—Biogradable Textiles



Streamateria 2018

Project: A biodegradable textile based on circularity, total transparency and zero tolerance for waste.
Responsibilities: Research and Development, Innovation, Process Design, Product Design, Material Design and Development 

I created the recipe for the bioplastic applied in the sustainable fashion project Streamateria and produced biodegradable textiles presented at Fashion for Good in Amsterdam.

“We link sustainable material with the fashion brands of the future, redefining the very definitions of  consumption, quality, ownership, permanence, impermanence, life and death.”

Streamateria is a project initiated by Guringo Design studio
Photographs by Erik Lindvall