Alina Boehm

1. Place Design
2. Sustainable Material Design
3. Exhibition / Installation Design 
4. Brand Experience Design
5. Communication Design

Alina is an architectural designer from Barcelona, currently based in Hamburg, working for MUTABOR. Previously studied at KABK in The Hague and interned in Barcelona, London and Stockholm.

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Colors of, 2018

Project: Poster Design Assignment for the Course Graphic Design and Advertising at the Forsbersgskola
Responsibilities: Concept Design, Graphic Design, Storytelling, Design Research

A poster for an interior: Nowadays there exist many posters representing big cities such as New York or London. These posters contain maps, skylines or building outlines. In “Colors of...” any area / beach / venue can be represented through all the colors that form it. It can be a souvenir or beloved memory for someone who knows what they represent, or it can be just a piece of art in
a home for someone who sees it for the first time. I researched design references and developed the concept for the composition. I designed the poster with my own illustrations.