Alina Boehm

1. Place Design
2. Sustainable Material Design
3. Exhibition / Installation Design 
4. Brand Experience Design
5. Communication Design

Alina is an architectural designer from Barcelona, currently based in Hamburg, working for MUTABOR. Previously studied at KABK in The Hague and interned in Barcelona, London and Stockholm.

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Placenta Bag, 2018

Project: A comissioned bag design for the Future Bag Exhibition at the Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Responsibilities: Concept and Experience Design, Product Narrative, Research and Development, Innovation, Process Design, Product Design, Material Design, Media Production

A mortal bag made of out of the bag you are born in, namely the placenta. Embracing the uniqueness of the individual, we created a bag as an addition of the human body, focusing on the placenta, with the ultimate goal of mimicking the human skin.

Our bag is made out of bio-textiles. The experimentation has been merely with natural ingredients to mimic a placenta skin. These bio-skins turned out to be very similar to the human skin and are long lasting. The base of the bag is a thin and bendable material, like a non-woven fleece or linen, onto which our self-made bio textile is attached with suture.

A collaboration with Jamie Hornis and Ligia Maasland.