Alina Boehm

Is a designer currently based in Hamburg, Germany. She focuses primarily on the creation of meaningful, tangible experiences through spatial, exhibition and experience design, as well as hands-on material experimentation. 

Spatial Design
01—Urban Placemaking (Graduation project)
02—Exhibition Design 
03—Brand Experience Design

Communication Design
04—Packaging Design
05—Poster Design

Material Design

06—Biogradable Textiles



Placenta Bag, 2018

Project: A comissioned bag design for the Future Bag Exhibition at the Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Responsibilities: Concept and Experience Design, Product Narrative, Research and Development, Innovation, Process Design, Product Design, Material Design, Media Production

A mortal bag made of out of the bag you are born in, namely the placenta. Embracing the uniqueness of the individual, we created a bag as an addition of the human body, focusing on the placenta, with the ultimate goal of mimicking the human skin.

Our bag is made out of bio-textiles. The experimentation has been merely with natural ingredients to mimic a placenta skin. These bio-skins turned out to be very similar to the human skin and are long lasting. The base of the bag is a thin and bendable material, like a non-woven fleece or linen, onto which our self-made bio textile is attached with suture.

A collaboration with Jamie Hornis and Ligia Maasland.