Alina Boehm

Is a Spanish / German designer with a passion for spatial experience design. She focuses primarily on the creation of exhibition, set and interior designs, while always looking for and experimenting with sustainable materials. Currently, she is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Selected Works:

01—Public Space Activation
02—Exhibition / Installation Design 
03—Brand Experience Design
04—Poster Design

05—Biodegradable Materials




Interactive Media Design Bachelor,
︎ Royal Academy of Art, (Den Haag, 2015 - 2019)

Experience Design Diploma
︎ UAL Central Saint Martins, (London, 2018)

Graphic Design and Advertising 2 Diploma
︎ Forsbergs Skola, (Stockholm, 2018)

Abitur Gymnasium,
︎ Deutsche Schule Barcelona, (Barcelona, 2002 - 2014)


Junior Designer Architecture
︎ Mutabor, (Hamburg, 09.2019 - present)

Spatial and Material Design Intern Student
︎ Guringo Design Studio, (Stockholm, 04. - 07. 2018)

Exhibition Design Intern Student
︎ FDD Studio, (London, 01. - 04. 2018)

Experience Design Intern Student
︎ Collec Studio, (Barcelona, 06. - 07. 2017)

Rhinoceros 3D
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Adobe After Effects


“Alina has a unique talent for learning and adapting as well as actively transforming ideas and challenging normative thinking. It has been a true pleasure to have her here at Guringo Design Studio and I hope that we will work closely in some kind of constellation in the future.”
︎ Erik Lindvall, CEO Guringo Design Studio, Stockholm, Sweden

“Her unique conceptual talent is something that stood out during the course, which was evident in her work. She has developed by being open and curious, always responsive to feedback and daring to try new challenges.”
︎ Klara Lindberg, Instructor Graphic Design, Forsberg Skola, Stockholm, Sweden

“Alina is a powerhouse. She’s a strong thinker with clear opinions, an adept creative with a genuine joy for making, and she’s committed to learning new media and methods.”
︎ Shayna Shapp, Instructor Interactive Media Design, KABK, Den Haag, Netherlands