Alina Boehm

1. Placemaking
2. Biodegradable Material Design
3. Exhibition Design 
4. Brand Experience Design
5. Communication Design 6. Digital Places (ongoing)

Alina Boehm is a multidisciplinary designer from Barcelona, with a passion for spatial experience design and 3D visualisation. Currently based in Hamburg, working for MUTABOR as Architectural Designer. Previously studied at KABK in The Hague and interned in Barcelona, London and Stockholm.

Clients: Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Creative Europe Programme and Bitpanda.

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5. Communication Design 

“James Morrison at Tate Modern”
Graphic Design and Advertising course Forsbersgskola Stockholm
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Visual Research, Illustration

“James Morrison at Tate Modern” was made for a poster design assignment for the Graphic Design and Advertising course at the Forsbersgskola in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2018. For the design proposal for the announcement of the exhibition “Retrospective” of the designer James Morrison at the Tate Modern in London, Alina researched different design references and developed the concept for the composition. Additionally, she created different line illustrations for the poster series.