1. Placemaking

Bachelor Project Royal Academy of Art The Hague
Placemaking, Material Research, Furniture Design, Art Direction

As a practical translation of her Bachelor’s thesis, Alina’s graduation project explores how a space can turn into a place. Specifically, what creates a sense of place and what differs a people-place from a non-place. In metropolitan western cities, people have become increasingly disconnected from their physical surroundings and the people around them. The project aims at unearthing a sense of ownership and power in a community over their physical environment by stimulating playful exploration and interaction, as well as active participation. People are invited to re-imagine their surroundings, collect plastic waste and donate it to the project to create modular furniture for their public plazas, while simultaneously contributing to a new language of space.

“RE - Shape” was nominated for the Bachelor Interactive Media Design Department Award 2019 at the Royal Academy of Art, and the Waag Society & Technology Award, as well as was invited to exhibit at the Milan and Dutch Design Week.

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Photographs in collaboration with Linda Zhengová