Alina Boehm

Is a designer currently based in Hamburg, Germany. She focuses primarily on the creation of meaningful, tangible experiences through spatial, exhibition and experience design, as well as hands-on material experimentation. 

Spatial Design
01—Urban Placemaking (Graduation project)
02—Exhibition Design 
03—Brand Experience Design

Communication Design
04—Packaging Design
05—Poster Design

Material Design

06—Biogradable Textiles



With my work I aspire to instigate people into moments of quality time that evoke emotional responses, making one feel present in the here and now. In today’s society, I find it necessary to create experiences that leave an imprint and make us feel connected to the places and the people around us. My subject matter is interactivity--how the attitude and form of designs shape a space, how a space influences our behaviour and actions and how our behaviour communicates towards other people. I strive at triggering sensory impressions that change people’s perceptions, mindsets and pre-existing patterns. The concept and material choices of the installations and products I create invite people into a story. Through the medium of spatial design, I explore, for instance, how a space can turn into a place. While working with bio-materials and recycled plastic I underline the importance of sustainable and responsible design.

I believe that the right designs can spark a conversation and become a catalyst for establishing meaning.