Alina Boehm

Spatial Programme
Colour Scheme
Furnishing Concept
Lighting Concept
Material Concept

Brand identity
Brand positioning
Visual strategy
Visual Storytelling
Set Design
Product Staging
Content creation
3D Modelling and Rendering

Booth Design
Corporate Architecture
Retail Design
Shop Window
Hospitality Design
Pop Up Stores
Temporary Structures

Brand Consultancy
System Thinking

I was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. During my studies I lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and United Kingdom. In 2019 I came to Germany for the first time to continue my career as an architectural designer, working with the likes of Audi, Volkswagen, Creative Europe Programme, SEAT and CUPRA.

To me, sustainability means mindfulness. Because we can only achieve a respectful balance If we are aware of our surroundings, the people, languages and cultures as well as our actions and pay attention to what happens around us.

I put great value in constant exchange with a network of collaborators, brands and people with a similar mindset. Relationships and a participative way of working are crucial to be able to create responsible and meaningful designs.

I’d love to hear from you.

Seat, Cupra
DGTL Festival
Creative Europe Programme

Throughout my career I have learned to maintain a flexible and open mindset at all times and to adapt the medium to my concept. What is my message and how do I best communicate it? The focus lies on the recipient's experience and the feeling that is evoked through the design. An experience that the visitor can pass on as a story and that appeals to all human senses.

Rhinoceros 3D
Adobe Creative Suite


“Alina has a unique talent for learning and adapting as well as actively transforming ideas and challenging normative thinking. It has been a true pleasure to have her here at Guringo Design Studio and I hope that we will work closely in some kind of constellation in the future.”
︎ Erik Lindvall, CEO Guringo Design Studio, Stockholm, Sweden

“Her unique conceptual talent is something that stood out during the course, which was evident in her work. She has developed by being open and curious, always responsive to feedback and daring to try new challenges.”
︎ Klara Lindberg, Instructor Graphic Design, Forsberg Skola, Stockholm, Sweden

“Alina is a powerhouse. She’s a strong thinker with clear opinions, an adept creative with a genuine joy for making, and she’s committed to learning new media and methods.”
︎ Shayna Shapp, Instructor Interactive Media Design, KABK, Den Haag, Netherlands